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Why the cajon is so popular

There is hardly any stage where the cajon is not to be found. But why is an inconspicuous wooden box so popular?

The cajon was created when African slaves built simple drums out of transport boxes. Little by little it was further developed and today it is an integral part of musical instruments.

It is especially popular because it can be easily played by young and old. Usually, you only need a little practice to learn simple rhythms and grooves. Especially children have a lot of fun. At the same time, it also trains the motoric skills. Children can give free rein to their creativity while playing. Especially in a group, this is a lot of fun!

Not only children can have their first musical experiences with the cajon. Also for adults, the cajon offers many advantages in contrast to a drum kit: There are no high acquisition costs, the cajon is easy to clean, space-saving and therefore easy to transport.

The cajon can be used in any situation. Be it in the church to accompany the youth choir or in the beer tent to perform the hits. With the cajon, every song can be accompanied and gets an unmistakable sound. And that's exactly why the cajon is so popular!