Ross McCallum playing cajon

Improve Your Cajon Skills

A Sela Cajon is not only an instrument for professional drummers. Beginners or professionals can coax out a lot of different sounds from the cajon. Here are 5 tricks to influcence your Cajon sound:

#1 The Correct Sitting Posture

A correct sitting posture takes an important role when playing a percussion instrument. It‘s not only important to find the right position to prevent back aches, but also to refine your playing technique. If you are already conversant with your cajon and want to improve your posture, here is a tipp for you: Slightly tilt your Cajon backwards, to straighten your posture and prevent back aches. Furthermore, the distance to the playing surface shrinks and (especially the bass area) can be reached easier.

#2 The Right Hand Technique

When playing the cajon it's not just about the right sitting position. The way you use your hands is the key for a good sound. The Sela Thin Splash playing surfaces are very soft due to of a special production process. This allows a fatiguee-proof playing. Basically there are two playing techniques: The cuban style and the peruvian style.

#3 Playing in a group

The cajon is not only made to play it by yourself. Especially playing in a group is great fun and has a positive effect on your playing technique. In a group you can help each other and give tipps. Furthermore, group members can show their own playing techniques and grooves. That improves your play even more.

#4 Play along to songs

The cajon is perfectly qualified to accompany songs. Especially for beginners it's great to learn rhythm and tact. If you don't know any songs to play along to, you can buy the „Cajon Method Book“. It teaches different grooves and everything you need to know about the Cajon. Soon you will be fit to play on stage!

#5 Play with friends

Being creative with friends is always great! That's why you should come together with a few friends and start a jam. By choosing your favorite songs, you will have a great time studying them and improving your playing skills.