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Why the Cajon is so popular

There is hardly a stage where the cajon is not to be found. But why is an inconspicuous wooden box so popular? Learn more about this on the Sela blog!

Carton Cajon Review
Watch the video now!

Percussion-YouTuber "Cajon Master" Felipe from the USA tested the Sela Carton Cajon in his new video. His opinion and how the Carton Cajon sounds on the beach of Miami can be seen in the video!


Peter Harper
Joins the Sela artist family

Peter Harper is a percussionist and performer based in Cheltenham, UK. Peter has played cajon professionally for almost a decade, regularly playing over 100 shows a year covering a diverse range of genres spanning jazz, hip hop, metal, skiffle and more. Peter has made his name as a part of popular UK Skiffle-Pop trio and festival favourites Thrill Collins.

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Sela Mini Cajon Shaker Set
Now available!

The set includes three shakers with different sounds: Soft, medium and hard. Because of their size, they can be played seperatly or combined in one hand.

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Bert Peyffers
Joins the Sela artist family

The international Sela Cajon artist family is constantly growing: Welcome to the team, Bert Peyffers! The Belgian multi instrumentalist loves to perform with a diversified and unique cajon technique. Visit his artist page for further information

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Sela Carton Cajon
Watch the video now.

Cajon artist Ross McCallum went for a trip to the lake with his Carton Cajon and made a nice video about it.


Nailé Sosa Aragón
Joins the Sela artist family

We are very proud to announce, that the cuban percussionist Nailé Sosa Aragón is now officially a Sela Cajon artist!

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5 Tips For Cajon Beginners

The cajon as a percussion instrument is on everybody‘s lips at the moment. Even if you haven‘t played an instrument before, you will like the cajon because it‘s easy to learn and has a great sound. Here are 5 tips that will help you to get into the cajon world super easy:

Simon Schirmer Simon Schirmer am 17. February 2017

Sela Cajon Rucksack
Perfect protection of your cajon

Casual comfort on the go: The practical cajon rucksack from Sela looks not only cool, its features make it also the perfect companion for every cajon player.

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Mehrnaz Debizadeh
Joins the Sela artist family

We are very proud to announce, that the professional percussionist Mehrnaz Debizadeh is now officially the first female Iranian Sela Cajon artist!

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The History Of The Cajon

The idea of drumming on a box originated during the 19th century under colonial rule in Peru. The Africans who had been abducted to the new world were not permitted to use their drums. One of the reasons was that their masters feared the slaves would use them to communicate and foment rebellion.

Alexander Karl Alexander Karl am 11. February 2017

Cajon Playing For Musical Education

In the developement of children musical education is a big part. The early education with music and instuments can not only help building an elementary appreciation for music but also help with coordination skills.

Philipp Rudowitz Philipp Rudowitz am 30. January 2017

Improve Your Cajon Skills

A Sela Cajon is not only an instrument for professional drummers. Beginners or professionals can coax out a lot of different sounds from the cajon. We will show you 5 tricks how you can influcence your cajon sound.

Julia Linz Julia Linz am 20. January 2017

Sela Thin Splash
Perfect sound, maximum comfort

The special Sela Thin Splash playing surfaces are unique. They are extra soft and provide a relaxed and enjoyable playing feeling even in longer sessions.

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Tony Liotta
Joins the Sela artist family

"I've been playing cajons many years and I did a lot of searching for my sound. Now I got it - Sela Sound is always the sound I was looking for and I feel great with Sela."

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Improve Your Cajon Sound

Ein Sela Cajon ist nicht nur ein Profi-Instrument für Schlagzeuger. Auch Anfänger können der Kastentrommel eine Vielzahl verschiedener Sounds entlocken. Wie du deinen Cajon-Sound beeinflussen kannst, zeigen wir mit den folgenden 5 Tricks:

Simon Schirmer Simon Schirmer am 05. January 2017

Iúri Oliveira
Joins the Sela artist family

"More than quality and beauty: Sela Cajon are by far one of the best "weapons" of a percussionist."

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Philipp Heipeck
Joins the Sela artist family

"The fascinating thing about Sela is the harmony of genius design and sound. I've never experienced a cajon which gives out such a clear, strong and dynamic sound when recording into a microphone. You can so easily fall in love with this brand."

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CaSela XXL

The big "CaSela XXL" cajon is the world's largest playable Snare Cajon and a true to scale "enlargement" of the original Casela Professional Snare Cajon.

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6 Franken af Baku
The Sela team steps on the gas

In May 2012, the annual Allgaeu-Orient-Rallye took place. The team had a Sela Snare Cajon Kit with them, which was assembled in a picturesque setting on the Bosphorus, Turkey.

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