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The Soul Of Sound - 20th Anniversary

Innovations that groove: For 20 years Sela has been developing and producing successfully exceptional cajons for demanding musicians. During that time we have managed to continually improve our instruments and thereby continuously push the cajon development.

All Sela products meet the highest demands in quality and usability. Our cajons are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Each model is thoroughly tested before delivery. You can tell it by the way it looks, feels and sounds. No wonder that more and more musicians all over the world discover their love to Sela cajons. We are happy to welcome a number of new and talented cajon players to the family of Sela endorsers: e.g. Todor Akimov (Germany), Bert Peyffers (Belgium), Jeremy Nattagh (France), José Carlos Vidal Ramírez (Spain) and Bianca Lerner (Argentina).

This year, once again, we are making great strides and are able to introduce great new developments: the long-awaited Sela Bass Cajon offers a sensational bass foundation. The front is played with hands conventionally. The back has been specially designed for the use of a bass drum pedal. The new Sela Primera, with its uncompromisingly good sound at a reasonable price, offers a nice entry into the world of cajon playing. Brand new is also the Sela Mini Cajon Shaker Set, consisting of three mini shakers with three different sounds: soft, medium and hard.

Our products are ready for testing and are waiting to be played at a music store near you. Latest news and information about Sela products and artists can be found on our social media platforms. They are worth a visit!