Marco Zanotti


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Italian based multi-instrumentist Marco Zanotti has studied and formed all around Latin-America and Africa, playing with artists from Brazil, Cuba, Mali, Argentina, Colombia, Guinee, Nigeria, ecc.

On stage worldwide since around 1998, he has recorded dozens of records, mostly about world music, jazz and funk, collaborating with artists including Seun Kuti, Baba Sissoko, Toninho Horta, Markus Stockhausen, Antonella Ruggiero, Patrizia Laquidara, Pavel Urkiza, Elio Camalle, Sergio Krakowski.

He regularly holds cajon workshops about both modern mixed styles and flamenco and south-american rhythms. He plays cajon and bombo leguero on Argentinean-Colombian band Del Barrio playing original folklore/tango/cumbia, including worldwide tour with different show including A.Ramirez' Misa Criolla.

As a drummer, percussionist and director he leads since 2010 baroque chamber orchestra Classica Orchestra Afrobeat (Glastonbury-UK and Rome's Auditorium among recent live events).

He plays pandeiro (another one of his favourite intruments) on choro ensemble Circolo Odeon and is currently also working with avant-garde italian flutist Fabio Mina, with bass player and singer Patrick Ruffino from Benin, with African polyphonic singer Njamy Sitson and more.

Marco Zanotti is an inspiring, unconventional, imprevedible musician, yet tirelessly curious and immersed into world music traditions. Through all kinds of real and invented percussions (playing, composing, arranging, recording or teaching) he communicates with audience and gives expression to his feelings.