Hakim Ludin

Germany / International

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Hakim Ludin, born in Kabul/Afghanistan, is one of the most progressive percussionists in Europe. His work has been awarded with a Jazz Award and has been internationally recognized. Invitations to concerts and workshops to the United States and Europe are part of his work as well as live performances on music-stages all over the world.

At the moment he works together with the German songwriter Konstantin Wecker. They recorded the highly reviewed CD ‚Am Flussufer’ (at the river shore), accompanied by a tour through the entire German-speaking region. In 2006 Konstantin Wecker received the world music award RUTH.

As a studio artist he has been involved in many recordings in the past decades.

Hakim is one of the most requested live and studio percussionists with great acceptance for his work in the Jazz’n’World-Genre. His style is unique and authentic.

He gathered his knowledge and experience in a Training-DVD series called 'modern percussionist'. There are six training-volumes available at the moment dealing with cajon, bongos, frame drums und kanjira.

He published three schoolbooks featuring bongos, congas and small percussion. As a composer he works with border crossing concepts.

Website: www.hakimludin.com

"Sela Cajons are the base of my personal Cajon Revolution."

Hakim Ludin